BIM design is the creation of a detailed digital layout of a future construction object in a three–dimensional format. Appropriate software and consolidated databases are used for digital design. One of the most popular is the Model Studio CS software package created by Russian developers. Bim design in Model Studio has opened up the opportunity to develop three-dimensional layout solutions, operating regulations, construction deadlines, financial costs, carry out calculations of engineering communications of objects and make an examination.


The final layout includes a visual image of the design object in the Model Studio program, all information about its characteristics with detailed elements and the necessary design documentation. Depending on the depth of study, the digital model contains data on the phased timing of construction, the financial component of the project, operation and demolition.

Model Studio CS implements features that are important for designers:

  • Online design and calculation technology;
  • High elaboration of the ergonomics of the process;
  • Automatic drawing design;
  • Integration with electronic document management systems;
  • Creation of a unified database of elements, components, equipment and materials;
  • Exchange of information with other programs, applications and libraries.

The availability and ease of updating the Model Studio CS line, the ability to export and import data allow our specialists to keep the software product and component libraries up to date. This is a very important point that directly affects the level and quality of the work performed.

Software products

The software package is a line of compatible modules – a designer workstation (WKS), providing automation of various areas of project activity and BIM design in Model Studio CS with the necessary degree of elaboration. The WKS covers the competencies of an architect, builder, technologist, designer of internal networks, external networks, security and fire alarm systems, automation and communications, master plan and others.

The instrumental and resource base of BIM design in Model Studio CS makes it possible to create a 3D digital image in all design and engineering areas.

Application areas

Speaking about the subject capabilities of the complex, it is safe to say that the areas of its practical use are as wide as the capital construction itself is diverse. Teams of specialists carry out BIM design in the Model Studio environment of industrial, residential, agricultural, public and other constructs:

  • Infrastructure of cities and towns;
  • Housing construction;
  • Industrial buildings and structures;
  • Objects of the agricultural complex;
  • Underground structures;
  • Roads, highways, interchanges, bridges;
  • Facilities of the oil and gas complex;
  • Infrastructure of land, underground, sea, air and railway transport;
  • Energy facilities;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Food industry;
  • Metallurgy;
  • Mining and processing of minerals;
  • Others .

The depth of the project development depends on the customer's needs. It can be at the level of a digital 3D model, with a temporary and financial component. Designing in Model Studio also allows you to regulate the operation of the structure and its demolition.

The sequence of work

The customer is not at all interested in what exactly the designer does when working on the order, what buttons he presses, and how many people will help him. The customer is interested in the quality of the development, the timing of the order and the cost.

At the preparatory stage of interaction, the terms of reference are analyzed, the amount of work to be done is determined and its plan is drawn up. Next, the terms and cost of the project are determined. After agreeing with the customer and concluding the contract, the designers collect metric and other data and proceed to the formation of a digital model. The result of their work will be a ready-made digital image of the future or a real existing structure.

Advantages of developing a project in Model Studio CS

The advantages of BIM design are not in reducing the development time, but in expanding the possibilities of this type of activity and in its quality. In the process of work, a detailed digital image of the object is created, including individual elements with attributes and their values. The totality of individual elements is formed into a single model with a description of all the characteristics and with the provision of working documentation ready for use. Documents and drawings are produced in accordance with Russian and international standards.

The Model Studio CS complex allows you to create new components, as well as use standard solutions and projects. The extensive database includes ready-made libraries, can be updated with new developments and updated via the Internet.

Work on bugs

Construction involves huge financial costs. Any mistake that has crept into the project ultimately leads to additional costs, the size of which sometimes makes up a significant part of the cost of the object itself. But, more important than financial costs is the safety of people and the nature around us. An incorrectly drafted project can lead to the death of people and irreparable environmental losses. Automated generation of project and working documentation significantly reduces the number of errors and collisions. They are discovered during the work on the project, which reduces the financial costs associated with any construction.