BIM Modeling

BIM BIM-моделирование дорожная карта информационное моделирование нормативные акты строительство цифровая модель цифровизация

The company IM Consult has a wealth of experience in modeling multi-purpose objects: civil, industrial, residential, linear, etc. for each stage of design (Project documentation/Settlement documentation) and various degrees of detail (LOD 100 - 500).

Among our customers are both large design institutes (Nipigaz) and medium and small design organizations (Grazhdanpromproekt).

IM Consult will help you create a BIM model:

For designers:

  • Modernization of CAD to the BIM level (from the master plan to the design plan and estimates, we integrate calculation systems).
  • Development of a roadmap for the transition to BIM design.
  • Description of BIM processes and definition of participants and their roles (managers, coordinators, foremen, executors).
  • Selection and configuration of software tools and corporate BIM environment: templates, libraries, classifiers.
  • Creation of information models of objects, including the translation of drawings from 2D to 3D.

For manufacturers:


    • Inventory.
    • Interaction with suppliers and warehouse services.
    • Property and equipment management.
    • Prevention and maintenance management.

  • Creation of an environment for interaction and storage of data about an object.

For builders:

  • Implementation of the methodology for the investment assessment of the project cost based on the information model, including the development of corporate norms and prices for construction and installation work
  • Implementation of a methodology for controlling the timing and cost of construction based on the information model of the facility (4D / 5D)
  • Development of BIM requirements for general contractors
  • Implementation of a methodology for controlling the timing and cost of construction based on the information model of the object (4D / 5D)
  • Creation of 3D models in order to identify collisions and match the scope of the project

For examination:

  • Implementation of automated rules for acceptance and examination of information models of objects.
  • Creation of rules for interaction in the BIM environment: standards, regulations, job descriptions.
  • Automated verification of information models.


The specialists of IM Consult can execute the model according to your design or working documentation, as well as according to the results of laser scanning.

Our experts have experience in passing state expertise with a BIM model of all the necessary sections.

Our organization has extensive experience in information modeling of industrial and civil construction projects.

Information modeling is possible, both according to ready-made documentation and within the framework of new BIM design on our own. When modeling projects, we take into account the required class attribute composition and the required level of elaboration of the geometry of objects.

We carry out modeling of buildings and structures of any degree of complexity (Project documentation/Settlement documentation).

Collection of a model for various sections of working documentation (reinforced concrete structures, metal structures, heating, ventilation, water supply and sewerage, architectural solutions, etc.).

We conduct an audit and check of finished models, geometry, project specifications, planning and design solutions.

We give an expert assessment and comments on the implemented model for collisions and discrepancies in the documentation.

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