AVEVA – technologies of the future

AVEVA E3D Design is an advanced and powerful BIM software solution for three–dimensional design and creation of digital twins. It provides effective and convenient multidisciplinary interaction of designers, engineers and designers in a cloud environment in accordance with the concept of information modeling technology (TIM).

AVEVA E3D Design is a high–performance software that meets the needs of companies and organizations working in various industries. This software allows you to create a 3D model that can be used at different stages of the object's life cycle in accordance with the tasks of a particular company.

During its work, IM Consult has accumulated extensive experience in modeling, designing in AVEVA E3D Design and issuing documentation from models for companies of various profiles. Thanks to cooperation with IM Consult, it is possible not only to deploy this BIM solution in a short time, but also to ensure its most effective integration into the customer's processes.    

Image 1 – information model of the construction project

developed by IM Consult in AVEVA E3D Design.

Advantages of modeling in AVEVA

AVEVA E3D Design широко используется российскими предприятиями, так как отличается простотой и высокой скоростью развертывания, экономит время на создание информационной модели и запуск проектов. Также решение позволяет сократить риски за счет устранения коллизий на ранних этапах проектирования. 

The solution has the following advantages:

  • ease of use and model development in AVEVA;
  • high speed of mastering the tools by employees;
  • friendly interface;
  • data security;
  • possibility of methodological and technical support in Russian;
  • localization of the solution for the domestic market;
  • compliance with modern regulatory and technical standards;
  • a large number of cases of using AVEVA E3D Design by Russian enterprises and organizations;
  • interdisciplinarity – the solution covers all project disciplines;
  • the cloud platform allows developing a BIM model and digital counterparts to geographically distributed teams.

The process of developing a model in AVEVA

It includes 4 main stages.

  1. Formation of regulations and documentation. They are created taking into account the technical specifications and the needs of the customer. This is an obligatory and most important stage on which the success of the entire project depends. In addition, high-quality elaboration of regulations and reference documentation makes it possible to simplify the process of developing BIM models in AVEVA in the future through a library of projects and a catalog of models and families.
  2. Development of unique tools with which you can automate individual operations and test BIM models for collisions and errors.
  3. Filling the catalog of elements with data in accordance with the project features and needs reflected by the customer in the terms of reference.
  4. Verification of the BIM model and its transfer to the customer.