The conference "Mining industry of Russia and the CIS: construction and modernization" comments Deputy General Director of IMConsult Umnov Vladislav Andreyevich. - Vladislav Andreyevich, How do you generally assess the informational saturation of the conference? Have your expectations been met? - It is very interesting in our difficult time to hear the opinion on mining topics from the first persons of enterprises participating in this conference. We talked to project business representatives, and we talked about how we would replace international technology giants. While Western partners supply the complex with both equipment and engineering, Russia has its own technologies, but they are very scattered. Therefore, there will be a need in our markets for companies that can integrate the full range of technological services. I think that Russia has enough innovative potential to solve this problem. - What technological import substitution solutions can your company offer today? - IMConsult, as an innovative company that deals with modeling and augmented realities, primarily relied on Western technologies such as AVEVA, Autodesk. Now we fully understand that we need to focus on the current situation and therefore we begin to actively promote the product package of Russian production, including CSoft Model Studio products. Even if Western companies fail to meet their obligations, we have a plan B in which we have a budget and a pool of engineers ready to retrain. We have about 30 people doing modeling at our company. We have allocated about 13 people, which we will prepare for work on the domestic software. For this we will need about two months.

P.S. It has been 1.5 months and we are ready to present the finished product according to Russian BIM solutions of any complexity. We provide services for industrial and civil construction at the domestic software:

– BIM- проектирование – Перевод 2D чертежей в BIM – BIM- моделирование LOD 100-500 – Создание BIM- моделей для прохождения экспертизы или участия в тендерах – Создание BIM – каталогов моделей для производителей – Корпоративное обучение Model Studio CS – Внедрение и продажа лицензий – Model Studio CS.