Digitalization has not just given broad prospects in the field of design, construction, reconstruction, operation of buildings and structures. It led to a real breakthrough in the field of creating the most complex overall structures. The product of BIM technologies for capital construction is the building information model, which contains a single set of data about the object in digital format. Teams of specialists participate in its creation, whose main tool is specialized software: AVEVA E3D, Renga, Model Studio CS, Autodesk Revit, Bentley Systems, Tekla Structures

Image 1 – information model of the construction project
developed by IM Consult.

Prospects for the introduction of digital technologies in the field of capital construction

The BIM model is understood as an interconnected data system in digital format at the stages of engineering surveys, architectural developments, design, construction, reconstruction, repair, operation and demolition of construction projects.

The requirements for information models of construction projects regarding the included information are regulated by the resolutions of the Government and the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation. At the moment, they are not binding and are advisory in nature.

In many countries, the introduction of BIM-design of buildings was already underway at the end of the last century and is now fixed at the legislative level. In this regard, Russia is somewhat behind countries such as the USA, Canada and Germany. But our state currently occupies a leading position in the digitalization of many sectors of the economy and life. Currently, the term (definition) "information model of a capital construction object" has firmly entered the everyday life of our architects, designers and builders. By 2024 it is assumed that all capital constructions being built by state orderwill be accompanied by a BIM model. First of all, it will concern institutions of social significance: hospitals, schools, sports complexes, etc. The government plans to extend this requirement to all such facilities by 2030. The development of an information model of a capital construction facility can be carried out in the construction organization itself. But this process requires time, serious financial investments, involvement and training of well-coordinated teams of specialists in the field of construction, design and IT. Therefore, companies prefer specialized enterprises that have established professional work in the field of BIM technology.

The composition of the information model of the construction object

The BIM model contains information depending on the stage of work performed. It should contain information about each stage at which different materials are formed (visual representations, drawings, specifications, estimates, etc.). All of them will be in a single data array. Interested parties can work with a digital object, receiving information in the required cross-section.
Information included in the BIM model:

  • Engineering surveys. Documents of engineering surveys, including a 3D model of the object. Materials that are provided for the examination.
  • Architectural and construction design. Materials and documentation included in the project. The graphic component is given in the form of 3D. Also attached are other documents provided for state expertise and appendices to the application for a construction permit.
  • Construction, reconstruction, repair. Information about the construction permit or the termination of the permit. Executive documentation, the graphic component of which is made in 3D. If available – information about the placement of indentation lines on the terrain. Data from the work performance logs. Permits for commissioning.
  • Exploitation. Information about the permit for the commissioning of the construction object, about the actual general maintenance, data from the scheduled maintenance log.
  • Demolition. Indicators of the survey, information from the demolition project with a 3D model.

Who is responsible for the development?

A technical customer, an operating company, and construction companies are responsible for developing an information model of a construction object. Engineering surveys can be carried out by specialized companies on the basis of a signed contract.

Engineers, builders, designers, contractors and other participants should take part in creating an information model of a construction object. First of all, high-quality cooperation in electronic format is being established between all parties. The information base, documents and materials are stored in the model without time limit.

Despite the fact that the construction object information model requires material costs, in the future it will help to reduce the material costs of correcting errors and possibly weakening load-bearing structures.