The company provides BIM modelling services of high quality regardless of the complexity of the task. The work is carried out in the direction of creation of 2D models and 3D-modeling.

On the official platform, it will be possible to calculate the cost of services without major problems, as well as to obtain advice on issues that are directly related to the project.

What principle is applied?

BIM assumes a sequence of work performed, which involves the following steps:

  • analysis of the structure the customer provides or production of its own by taking into account all the customer’s requirements and wishes;
  • receipt of documentation from the client, which will be required for further work. It is important to note that the list of documents is requested individually after drawing up the order;
  • development of the initial part of the model;
  • проведение дальнейшего анализа состояния сооружения, а также передача определенной отчетности клиенту по мере выполнения заказа. Осуществление подробное изучения требований заказчика, а также подготовка плана работ в соответствии со всеми деталями и нюансами:
  • adjustment of the plan by the client directly;
  • fine-tuning of the model according to the required adjustments as well as establishing a conflict;
  • delivery of the finished model to the client, which corresponds to the established requirements and wishes of the client with making corrections.

What are the advantages of BIM simulation?

Основными преимуществами использования услуг BIM моделирования являются:

  • BIM modelling assumes the possibility of obtaining the most detailed reporting on the final quality of the project;
  • during the design phase, it will be possible to identify almost all possible errors, as well as to obtain reports on the basis of which conclusions on the performance of the project in accordance with all requirements and wishes of the customer;
  • BIM is a global-level system that is accessible in real time at all times. As a result, there are no documentation problems and no confusion in the time intervals between adjustments to the plan
  • this type of planning corresponds to all modern norms and standards, which are established at the legislative level. This allows the customer to obtain the appropriate service and product of appropriate quality;
  • the monitoring of the building becomes much easier as innovative systems are applied to the maintenance of the building. It is worth noting that there are even special applications that make this process much easier;
  • affordable values. No less important point, which is impossible to ignore. The price is set at the maximum available level, with the ratio directly to price and quality is considered the most attractive for a potential customer.

It turns out that BIM modeling has many positive features and is quite actively used in the modern market. It should be noted that before ordering it will be possible to get a sufficiently detailed advice from the company’s specialist on all the issues that arise from the client regarding modelling.