Software development (Open Source)

IM Consult provides services for the automation of the work of design engineers
in the form of creating software modules, open source software (specialized software), scripts and plugins for
existing CAD systems (Revit Autodesk, AVEVA, Renga, etc.).

In order to simplify the work of the design engineer and optimize the time for the implementation of the project, we
can create a specialized application - a plug-in for various programs that provide the ability to add modules under
development, with its help it will be possible to easily model objects and draw up a bill of materials.

In a specialized application, it is possible to implement:

  • Flexible configuration of filters to select the desired system
  • Intuitive interface
  • Ability to export equipment specifications in various formats (word and excel)
  • Guide for using the application

In general, a Specialized Application with advanced functionality will help automate the design process.

We develop specialized solutions - various plugins that help to make a quick calculation and correct unloading
of equipment specifications when choosing various simple and complex combinations of elements, we create plugins and
scripts for Aveva, Smartplant and Revit (Dynamo) programs.


Task: To automate the activities of designers in terms of creating double floor
systems in combination with cable support systems.
Project team: 4 designers
Software: Revit Autodesk and AVEVA
Result: Time to create a project for double floor systems was reduced by 2.5

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