Point cloud is a modern format for collecting raw information. It allows you to measure the entire surrounding space, eliminating the possibility of inaccurate measurement or a missing element. To carry out such work, you need special equipment and skills. If you need to perform laser scanning, you can contact our partners from veso.pro.

Dimensional drawings

This data format makes it possible to measure linear dimensions at short distances without special tools, but the error of this method grows with each measurement. In this project, all measurements were made in this way. But measuring the facade with a tape measure is a difficult task, and it was measured with a laser scanner.

About the project


30 000

>4 000

_______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________
Buildings fully modeledThe total area of all objectsFound more than 4000 collisions between project and fact

To improve the quality of the issued documentation, IM Consult undertook full BIM support for the reconstruction of buildings at the Moscow Gate. This allowed the customer to get a complete picture of the upcoming work, as well as the ability to get the exact cost of reconstruction and choose the most optimal calendar and network schedule.

What was done?

Modeling interiors on flat plans 
 Raising the model according to the drawings with the release of a three-dimensional model of the internal space of the building. 
Facade reengineering 
 The building facades were obtained from the point clouds for calculating the amount of work. 
Project coordination 
 Creation of a generalized file with all buildings for analyzing the situational plan and working out the master plan of the territory. 


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