Creation of databases

For manufacturers of equipment and products for various purposes, IM Consult
specialists develop intelligent bases of elements.

The presence of such catalogs will allow manufacturers to start cooperating with the most promising customers in the
construction market who already use BIM technologies.

We develop databases for various software packages, such as:
Revit, Autocad, Aveva, Model Studio CS (cable systems), SmartPlant3D, NanoCAD, Siemens NX, Tekla Structure, Eplan,
Bentley, CADMATIC.

IM Consult specialists create Revit families taking into account the BIM 2.0
standard and a single file of common parameters. This allows you to use families in your projects as comfortably as
possible, since families are labeled, fill in specifications, and have legends at low detail.

We develop product catalogs according to AVEVA standards. These catalogs meet the requirements of GOST and ISO, and
also take into account all the nuances of products and equipment. The use of quality catalogs greatly simplifies
model creation, 2D documentation and BOM generation.

We are actively engaged in the creation of databases of elements and catalogs in such software products as Aveva,
Revit, SmartPlant, Bentley, Tekla Structure, CADMATIC, Model Studio CS, NanoCAD, Eplan, Siemens NX, Magicad and

We carry out work on the analysis and verification of the correctness of databases.

We are completing and expanding the existing database.

When developing 3D models of elements, we take into account the accepted norms and standards in information modeling,
as well as the customer's requirements.

The level of elaboration of the elements - the graphic part, as a rule, with medium-high detail (we can do it with
low conventional graphic symbols and high detail at the request of the customer).

We fill in the attributive data (parameters or the so-called class-attributive composition).

We also take into account the standards and recommendations of the software manufacturers themselves, and also make
all the necessary settings, for example, to unload the specification of the types of elements used in the model in
the desired form.

We develop and update databases for such companies as SZ ENU, PUK Werke, Meka, Severnaya Aurora, DKS, etc.

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