AVEVA E3D Training

This spring alone we are conducting a design course at AVEVA E3D in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. Get trained and become part of our team!

About AVEVA E3D software:

  • This software allows you to perform 3D-design of complex onshore and offshore objects with a high degree of detail;
  • The use of this software allows you to significantly speed up the project, automate and make the process of interaction with the construction process effective, significantly reduce costs and risks, and effectively manage changes that occur both during the project and during the performing as-built documentation.

About a course:

  • We have developed a course program taking into account all relevant needs and questions;
  • We attracted highly qualified specialists - experts in this industry as teachers;
  • We have included in the educational process blocks for practicing the modeling process in a team;
  • Duration of training 2 weeks (8 hours a day)
  • Classes are held in the equipped classrooms of IM Consult.

Who is the course suitable for:

  • For beginners - even if you have only minimal knowledge in design, you get the opportunity to master a new demanded and highly paid specialty.
  • For junior specialists - you will receive all the tools for accelerated professional development: structured knowledge and practical experience.
  • For practicing design engineers - we will show you how to master the most demanded direction in order to further increase your income level.

The training course on working with AVEVA E3D from IM Consult is an excellent opportunity to become a professional in this direction from scratch!

For more information call: +7 (911) 011-03-09 Ekaterina Egorova (HR Manager)
+7 (911) 950-55-96 Anna Mayantseva (HR Manager).

Or send your resume to kandidat@im—consult.ru and we will contact you!

How to start?

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