Why do we need BIM models?

Since the BIM model is actually an information environment that unites data about an object, one of the tasks that it performs is data integration. This allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • to simplify interaction while working with one object;
  • to automate a lot of processes;
  • to reduce the number of errors in design and construction;
  • to reduce the time of work on all stages of the object's life cycle;
  • to increase control over the work being carried out;
  • to simplify the passage of approvals - including with supervisory authorities, etc.

Where can I download BIM models?

Since the design process with BIM technology allows you to automate the processes as much as possible, many people have the question: “Where can we download families for different BIM programs?”.

Revit families

Ready-made families really make life much easier for designers and architects. One of the most common options for ready-made models is the Revit family. Families are the main building blocks of a project in Revit. Families Is a set of objects that differ from each other (for example, in size or material), but have a number of common parameters - function, display in the model, and so on.

A lot of useful things can be found in families for Revit:

  • columns,
  • stairs,
  • bridges, 
  • fences,
  • balustrades,
  • fireplaces,
  • stained glass panels and much more.

The list of families for Revit is very wide. There is also furniture in Revit.

Please note: the Revit families must be checked before use - for hidden elements, LOD settings, etc. With a competent approach to use, the ready-made Revit models will significantly simplify and increase the speed of the design process, and help to minimize the number of errors.

You can download families and models for Revit from different sources:

However, you need to remember: there are enterprises whose business specifics require the development of their own catalogs of families and elements. IM Consult is ready to help you with this.

AVEVA families

AVEVA Catalogue is designed to create catalogs of components and their specifications. This data is then used to develop models in AVEVA E3D.

In this case, it is possible both to create a catalog itself with a list of necessary elements, as well as families of these components and the required specifications.

In the AVEVA families you can find:

  • metal structures,
  • finishing elements: walls, windows, doors,
  • equipment,
  • pipeline elements,
  • cables and cable trays.

You can download AVEVA families and models here:

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