Construction Industry Increases BIM Maturity

The companies "IM Consult" and "AR SOFT" held the first conference on digitalization of industrial construction

June 24, Russia - The first conference dedicated to the ecosystem approach to the application of information modeling technology for buildings and structures in industry was held in St. Petersburg. The event brought together representatives of companies working at all stages of the life cycle of an industrial construction facility - from design to its operation. The conference was organized by the IM Consult engineering and consulting company and AR SOFT, a developer of solutions in the field of augmented reality.

“The need of applying of information modeling technology for all objects of state orders financed from the budget should have a positive effect on the digitalization of the construction industry. But to perceive BIM as a useless obligation is fundamentally wrong: the technology is useful for all parties using it, it allows you to reduce costs and improve the quality of projects. We decided to hold our first conference to show what the perspectives are for an ecosystem-based and thoughtful approach to using BIM. We are confident that the digital transformation of the industry will accelerate and open up new opportunities at all stages of the life cycle of facilities,”explains Vyacheslav Guselnikov, CEO of IM Consult.

The situation is similar in other areas. In civil engineering, BIM models communicate with monitoring and management systems for residential complexes. In the industrial sector, the use of digital twins is also very important: digital fields are created; BIM models are integrated with MES to manage production and optimize the maintenance of the equipment fleet at enterprises. This approach allows you to get the most out of BIM implementation.

As Sultan Rezhepov, technical director of IM Consult, said at the event, few people are interested in the introduction of BIM just for the sake of BIM. The most advanced companies are integrating BIM models with other organizational systems, switching to working with digital twins of buildings and structures. For example, large retail chains use BIM not only for design and construction, but also during the operation of their facilities. And some even integrate BIM models into merchandising systems for which building layout data and so on are useful.

Experts also see the use of AR / VR solutions as a part of the digital ecosystem of construction projects promising. “We see high interest from players in the construction industry in augmented and virtual reality technologies. And this interest is not theoretical: there are real needs for the use of AR / VR solutions. And this is not surprising: according to analysts, about 70% of problems at a construction site arise from collisions, which take a lot of time to fix and, as a result, money. The use of augmented reality technologies makes it possible to minimize such losses, ”says Artem Batikov, commercial director of AR SOFT.

During the conference, the AR Trays Designer system was presented, which allows the construction of engineering systems using HoloLens 2 augmented reality glasses, and also allows author supervision by using the method of combining a 3D model and a real object at the site of its location.

A novelty in the line of developers is the AR Mobile program, which offers to carry out architectural supervision using an iPad Pro tablet.

The demonstration of the capabilities of the AR SOFT solution impressed the participants of the event and caused a discussion about the features of the practical application of the technology.

The event also presented the possibilities of creating digital twins based on AVEVA technologies, which adheres to a platform approach to their development. The company's expert spoke about the technology itself and cases of its application at enterprises of various profiles.

The specialists of IM Consult highlighted the peculiarities of the implementation of BIM projects at industrial enterprises, discussed when the implementation of BIM can be considered complete, and considered the pros and cons of implementation on their own or by attracting an external contractor.

The completion of the series of presentations was the presentation of the pilot product of the AR SOFT company, the VR Build Manager product, this software allows you to load a pre-prepared 3D model from almost any CAD system, such as AutoCAD, AVEVA, etc. for its collective study in a virtual environment using VR glasses.

“The conference showed that the interest of industry representatives in BIM technology is high, and the maturity in understanding its features has grown in recent years. And while information modeling and AR / VR-based solutions in this area are just starting to gain power, we are confident that their distribution will gradually accelerate. We hope that our conference will be able to become annual and will attract more and more participants, ”concluded Vyacheslav Guselnikov.


IM Consult is a Russian engineering and consulting company for the implementation, maintenance and training of BIM technologies, providing services for the largest companies - representatives of the oil and gas production, energy and other heavy industries. The IM Consult team of specialists performs a full range of works on BIM-modeling, creation of catalogs, training and implementation of modern BIM-systems from leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. The company's employees work both in Autodesk Revit and in such technically complex products as AVEVA. The central office of IM Consult is located in St. Petersburg, and individual divisions are represented in the regions of Russia. Additional information: https://im-consult.ru/

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AR SOFT is a Russian company, a pioneer in the implementation of augmented and virtual reality technologies for design in mechanical engineering, industrial and oil and gas sectors. The result of the work of the company's team was the AR TRAYS DESIGNER program, the functionality of which allows you to build utility networks and facilities at the construction site, obtain a 3D model and upload a custom specification, which ultimately optimizes the work of employees: speeds up the work of the designer, improves the quality of supervision of regulatory authorities operating organizations, gives a quick start for the correct procurement of equipment. AR TRAYS DESIGNER is a full-fledged step towards the digital economy. More information: https://vr-arsoft.com

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