Order of the Ministry of Labor of Russia on the approval of the professional standard «Specialist in the field of information modeling in construction»

In Russia, a life cycle management system for capital construction facilities is being implemented using information modeling technology (BIM). Building Information Modeling is now a LEGAL profession in the industry.

A. Technical support for information modeling of capital construction objects (OCS) - TIM-technician / TIM-master.

B. Development and use of structural elements of the information model of the OCS at the stage of its life cycle - TIM-designer, TIM-executor.

C. Organization of the development and use of the structural elements of the OCS information model at the stage of its life cycle - TIM-coordinator.

D. Management of information modeling processes of the OCS at the stages of its life cycle - TIM-manager.

E. Management of activities for the implementation, support and development of information modeling technologies of the OCS at the level of the organization - TIM-manager of the organization / TIM-director / TIM-consultant / TIM-expert.

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