Glavgosexpertiza has issued Recommendations for preparing a BIM model for examination

Glavgoeskpertiza of Russia presented "Methodological recommendations for the preparation of an information model of a capital construction object, submitted for consideration to the FAU "Glavgosexpertiza of Russia" in connection with the state examination of design documentation and an assessment of the information model of a capital construction object."

As follows from the document, the Methodological Recommendations have been drawn up in order to implement a unified approach to the content and design of the project documentation submitted to Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, the results of engineering surveys and the information model of the capital construction object, hereinafter referred to as IM) for further conformity assessment.

The Recommendations provide the basic requirements for the composition and content of IM, which may differ in the volume and sequence of their implementation, depending on the tasks to be solved in the design of the object and which should take into account the variety of structural systems, design solutions and materials of building structures, engineering systems, as well as the possibility of forming IM using alternative software tools.

The recommendations were developed taking into account the requirements of legislative and regulatory and technical acts, as well as the established practice of assessing information models.

The recommendations are of a methodological nature and make it possible to effectively prepare IM for expert assessment by summarizing the information provided in the regulatory framework.

The Recommendations contain codes for color solutions of systems and networks of engineering and technical support of IM, intended for a visual assessment of the relationship between space-planning and engineering solutions.

These Recommendations are intended to represent IM in the form of an object-oriented model for expert assessment of compliance with the requirements of technical regulations, sanitary and epidemiological requirements, requirements in the field of environmental protection, requirements of state protection of cultural heritage sites, requirements for the safe use of atomic energy, industrial safety requirements, requirements for ensuring the reliability and safety of electric power systems and electric power facilities, requirements for anti-terrorist protection of the facility, other requirements established by legislation, the assignment of the developer or technical customer for the design, the results of engineering surveys.

These Recommendations can be applied in the development of an assignment for the design of an IM.

Note that the submitted document is temporary and applies to the construction of new capital construction facilities without taking into account possible additional requirements for the IM developed during the reconstruction of capital construction facilities.

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