VIDEO. Database of SPS elements in NanoCAD Electro

Creation of a database of elements of cable support systems (trays and supporting structures) in the NanoCAD Electro software product.

  • Stage 1: Ladder trays
  • Stage 2: Sheet trays
  • Stage 3: Mounting systems

Requirements for the created configurations:

1. All configurations must be implemented in accordance with the catalog and database structure of the CS nanoCad

  • Tray Connector Configurations - Provide the necessary connections between tray elements and their connectors.
  • Configurations of attachment points - to ensure that the database contains the necessary methods for attaching trays, tiers and fastening elements in accordance with the "ATR Nodes" provided by the Customer
  • Tray routing configurations - ensure that each of the created configurations of fastening points is mated with at least one tray (the type, series and size are determined by the customer).

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