Video recordings of reports presented on the conference “AVEVA Russia and the CIS countries 2021” held in Sochi

AVEVA company offers to your attention video recordings of reports presented on the conference "AVEVA Russia and the CIS countries 2021" held in Sochi.

Key sessions
The digital twin: from the CAPEX stage to the OPEX stage

Story of success: Building Information Management from scratch for a major capital project

Veronika Panayotova, Head of Project Information Management, Amur Gas Chemical Complex, Sibur Holding, tells how in less than 2 years the Sibur team created from scratches such discipline as Information Management for the future gas chemical complex, which will be the largest in Russia.


Business benefits of cloud solutions. Information security and legal nuances

A little over a year has passed since AVEVA significantly increased its investments in its own cloud platform and declared itself as a company for which cloud solutions are a priority. Having significant developments, just a year later, the company can offer you the most complete set of cloud solutions covering the needs of both the operation and project management of the asset. AVEVA cloud solutions have the highest level of security at the moment, correspond to the best available technologies. Our company is ISA certified and a member of the Cloud Security Alliance.

Dynamic Simulation and Operations Training Center

Story of success: "Digital twins guard the cybersecurity of enterprises, Rostelecom"

Very often, information security is perceived as a kind of limiter, and sometimes even an enemy of digitalization. This perception is fundamentally wrong. In the age of digitalization and the adoption of complex digital technologies, we have no other way but to become best friends with information security and work hand in hand. In the near future, the image of information security services will certainly change, and they will be perceived as assistants who can reduce the risks of companies while introducing digital technologies.

Currently, there are many risks in the field of information security. They can be divided into two trends:

  • Increased number of attacks on industrial enterprises
  • Serious problems in the implementation of information security systems at industrial enterprises

Yan Sukhikh, an expert at Rostelecom, head of the ICS cybersecurity department, will talk about these trends, the role of digital twins in information security and real examples from practice.

Implementation history: "Dynamic modeling is the basis of digital transformation of industry, St. Petersburg Mining University"

The history of the implementation of AVEVA dynamic modeling technologies at the Center for Digital Technologies of the St. Petersburg Mining University: AVEVA PRO / II Simulation, AVEVA Dynamic Simulation, ROMeo Process Optimization. And:

  • Infrastructure and goals of the Center for Digital Technologies
  • Stages of implementation and results achieved
  • Digital Technologies Center projects implemented on the AVEVA platform

AVEVA and artificial intelligence

Industrial artificial intelligence

We'll talk about how AVEVA plans to transform the industry through the use of artificial intelligence.

  • What is artificial intelligence and where is it headed?
  • Industrial artificial intelligence strategy
  • Weak, strong and super AI - how are they different?
  • The benefits of AI comparing risks and costs
Sessions for operators

Consolidation of AVEVA and OSIsoft companies

To maximize customer support on the digital transformation journey

People armed with data will change the world

In this presentation, we explain how OSIsoft's PI system integrates into the information and analytics core of the AVEVA portfolio of solutions and drives value, the evolution of the PI system and key operating principles. In this presentation, you will learn how to transform data into actionable information.

AVEVA Unified Operations Center - Unified communication and information management center

One Control Center is not a product that you can buy and install out of the box. It is an approach in which different systems (engineering, financial, management) are combined and contextualized. We often come across examples where modern control systems are essentially the same old analog systems. In this presentation, you will learn how you can benefit from moving away from this paradigm. Vladimir Samoilov, head of the sales technical support group, will talk about the business drivers for creating the Interaction Center and the results achieved by companies using this approach.

Unified Operations Center Platform Overview and Implementation Examples

Many of our customers in Russia say that they have practically exhausted the traditional ways of increasing efficiency and are actively moving along the path of digital transformation. According to the McKinsey analytical agency, the total effect of improving operational management and increasing the efficiency of asset use should amount to $ 370 billion by 2025. Sergey Tsvetkov, Business Development Director at Klinkmann, talks about the most interesting Russian and foreign examples of implementing the centralized control center approach.

Asset performance management and prescriptive analytics

McKinsey predicts Industry 4.0's predictive notifications could reduce downtime by 30% to 50%. At the same time, thanks to automation, labor productivity can increase from 40% to 50%.

История успеха: GPG O&M Thermal, Remote Predictive Diagnostic Center, ENEL

В презентации ENEL Мауро Фиале рассказывает, как всего за четыре года компании ENEL удалось организовать, запустить и сделать полностью функциональным Центр Предиктивной Диагностики, который поддерживает управление производственными активами теплового парка GPG Enel. «23 ГВт установленной мощности в 30 городах и 63 производственные единицы в 4 странах. Единая платформа работы с данными, на которой для мониторинга почти 1300 активов в реальном времени обрабатывается около 175 000 сигналов с ежесекундным обновлением».

Story of success: GPG O&M Thermal, Remote Predictive Diagnostic Center, ENEL

In the ENEL presentation, Mauro Fiale explains how, in just four years, ENEL has managed to organize, launch and fully operationalize the Predictive Diagnostics Center, which supports the asset management of the Enel GPG Thermal Park. “23 GW of installed capacity in 30 cities and 63 production units in 4 countries. A unified data platform that processes about 175,000 signals in real time to monitor nearly 1,300 assets, updated every second. ”

Story of success: Pilot project for the implementation of AVEVA Predictive Analytics JSC "VNIIAES"

VNIIAES was faced with the task of increasing the reliability of operation of the main electrical and thermal mechanical equipment of NPP power units through the introduction of automated systems based on the use of predictive analytics methods. As part of solving this problem, a pilot project was successfully completed, the goal of which is to create a prototype of a predictive analytics system designed for the timely detection of hidden defects in equipment, to assess the possibility of increasing the level of operational reliability of the main electrical and thermal mechanical equipment of NPP power units through the introduction of automated systems based on the use of predictive analytics methods. Detailed information on the stages of the project implementation can be found in the presentation of the VNIIAES company.

Story of success: Experience with AVEVA Predictive Analytics in the Sakhalin-2 Process Equipment Monitoring Pilot Project

This presentation describes the experience of implementing the AVEVA Predictive Analytics tool at Sakhalin Energy.

In 2015, 2018, 2019, after 10 years of operation, there were major incidents related to the breakdown of production-critical rotating equipment. The company has come to realize that the existing equipment monitoring tools and existing maintenance methods are not enough to prevent major breakdowns. Therefore, a strategic decision was made to develop data analytics and predictive monitoring that could see problems ahead of time.

Real-time optimization technologies

Advanced Control Systems (ADMS) and Online Precision Simulation with Equation Optimization

APC is a complex software product that sits above traditional enterprise management systems and implements predictive control of technological processes in accordance with a set of preset information on the dynamics of processes. It is analogous to the "autopilot" for technological installations, aimed at optimizing their mode.

The main effects that can be obtained:

  • Stabilization of processes and quality characteristics of products
  • Maximizing plant productivity
  • Consistent approximation of process setpoints to achieve optimal process conditions
  • Reduced transient times

Story of success: SIBUR Holding

AVEVA Roadmap: Technology Development Map for Operators

AVEVA solutions for operators

We'll talk about AVEVA's solutions for organizations that are involved in manufacturing. You will learn about what's new in the field of production planning and optimization solutions, and also plans to develop existing solutions.

During the presentation, the following elements of the phases of the life cycle will be covered in detail:

  • Volumetric and scheduling
  • Production accounting
  • Production execution and motion control
  • Economic effects

Implementation of projects for managing the performance of production assets: scenarios, success factors, critical aspects

Maintex presentation.

Sessions for design organizations

AVEVA Roadmap: Technology Development Map for Engineering Organizations

EPC 4.0 Strategy Implementation

"Between 2019 and 2038 (despite the automation and improvement of processes), the capital projects industry will face a 256% increase in implementation costs if it does not change its approach."

In the presentation, we will tell you about AVEVA solutions for design organizations and EPC companies, what is now and what to expect in the future. You will learn why it is important to change the approach to project implementation and make it more efficient.

Quality management in smart design and engineering models. Design based on AVEVA technologies

Dmitry Pavlenko, IT Director of Lengiproneftekhim, talks about the company's approaches to design automation based on AVEVA technologies.

Open CASCADE solutions as part of the AVEVA value system

The Open Cascade team is constantly developing their skills in administering and configuring AVEVA solutions and expanding the range of services in this area.

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