BIM (Building Information Modeling) is information modeling of buildings or other infrastructure objects. The price of BIM services is determined primarily on the basis of the volume of tasks and the complexity of their implementation. The digital version of the object is created as a single whole, with all the accompanying information on all the elements. The BIM simulation process is more labor intensive than CAD.

Depending on the complexity of the project, the project has an average increase of 25-35%. This, in turn, affects the cost of manufacturing the model and design documentation. Information modelling technologies are used in very different areas, hence the variation in prices. To more precisely determine the final cost of BIM design, the customer needs to prepare an EIR (Employer’s Information Requirements), which will specify the maximum possible number of requirements for the model and the initial data.

Factors influencing the cost

  1. The first thing that affects the BIM model’s cost is the scale of the task. The project from scratch will cost the customer much more than digitizing the already available CAD drawings or laser scanning in BIM.
  2. The purpose of a building or facility. Industrial construction, residential complex, public space - each of them is valued differently.
  3. Deadlines assigned to the task. There are ordinary +30% compared to automated modeling or urgent. And there are urgent ones, where the score goes literally for minutes.
  4. The functioning of the project organization itself. Software expenses for only one employee of the company amount from 20,000 to 16,000 USD annually. This software requires special conditions: high performance hardware, wide bandwidth network.
  5. The issue of personnel. Highly qualified work involves appropriate remuneration.

Price calculation methods

There are several techniques to calculate the cost of BIM design.

  • depending on the time involved. Calculation of the work ahead in hours, that is, in what time will be completed specific task. At the same time, at the final stage, the price of BIM design may increase to 15% of the base estimate;
  • the cost can be calculated based on the size of the facility. This is a very common way, it is suitable for preliminary calculation of the price for BIM services. It is necessary to take into account the level of detail for various elements. The time for more detailed work will be greater, respectively, and the cost of services will increase;
  • it can also be calculated using the estimation method. The peculiarity of this method is that the use of BIM is not taken into account, but is based solely on the design development process (PIR).

It is possible to calculate the price for the project as a whole. This method is used both by itself and in conjunction with other methods presented above. It is used when it is necessary to make an assessment without having enough information about the project.