Building information modeling is an information model of a building that contains all the mandatory information about it. If you change one of the parameters, all the others change along the chain. In simple terms, Bim models are the process of computer modeling of objects that imply any infrastructure objects.

Bentley's information modeling software consists of the following elements:

  • Bentley plant – enterprise design
  • Bentley building – design of objects: houses and buildings
  • Bentley foundation – development of engineering structures
  • Bentley GeoSpatia – cartography and solutions for municipal services
  • Bentley civil – basic technologies

Features of BIM modeling in Bentley

Electronic BIM modeling Bentley Projects will allow you to track the existence of structures, starting with bookmarks and ending with tolerable works. Bentley modeling provides a number of opportunities to combine the work of a whole family of specialists into a single whole, calculate and combine all possible scenarios, make sure in advance that no erroneous actions were made at the first stages, in which there is a possibility of big problems in further development!

Model development process

The development of a BIM model in Bentley or TIM (Information Modeling Technologies) involves certain sequences of work performed, which involve the following steps:

  • the analysis of structures, the data about which the customer offers; the production of their own project, taking into account all the requirements of the client and his wishes;
  • receiving a full package of documents from clients that will be needed for further work. It should be noted that documentation is requested on an individual basis after making orders;
  • the product of the development of the main part of the model;
  • conducting further analysis of the condition of structures, as well as sending accounting documents to customers as orders are completed.


Bentley Systems is one of the world's leading developers of a comprehensive software solution for the design, construction and operation of infrastructure facilities.

This approach suggests prompt changes to the information model, which is a coordinated database, even small changes, which takes everything into account and leads to a change in the whole model. Thus, we can highlight a number of advantages of Bentley's BIM technology:

  • exclusion of unplanned budget increases and project costs;
  • elimination of errors in production;
  • facilitating the verification of documentation catalogs;
  • implementation of effective management of the facility.

All these factors lead to significant savings in production, where every unit is important!