Using BIM Technologies allows to increase the speed of project development and increase the efficiency of management of all stages of life cycle of a building or structure. BIM helps to coordinate the interaction between all project participants, providing a unified digital environment for interaction, minimizing the likelihood of conflicts at all stages of design and construction. Allows to increase transparency of the project, provides all participants with a clear understanding of what materials are used at what stage, what their cost, etc.

BIM as a plus

BIM-technologies are useful for both design institutes and construction organizations. Consider both of these options.

Advantages of BIM technologies for design institutes

Since January 1, 2022, it is mandatory to use BIM on objects of state order. On March 5, 2021 Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Misostin signed Russian Government Resolution 331 introduction of mandatory use of information modeling technologies (TIM - national name BIM) at objects of state order. In fact, leading project organizations already use or are ready to use BIM in their work, so that TIM becomes must have in the work of design institutes.

TIMs provide such advantages for design institutes and their customers:

  • unification of the project and work documentation development process;
  • standardization of design work;
  • автоматизация проектирования, возможность масштабной автоматизации внутренних процессов компании;
  • effective use of the experience of previous design decisions;
  • improving the quality of documentation, minimizing the human factor;
  • effective collaboration on ODS (common data environment).

Advantages of BIM for construction companies

Leading construction companies already use BIM. As well as the design institutes, many of them were ready to use BIM-technologies by January 1, 2022. Recall that according to the Decree of the Government of Russia 331, since the beginning of 2022. the use of BIM is mandatory on state projects.

Construction companies can get such advantages when using BIM:

  • development of several design options at the initial design stage;
  • control of costs, accurate calculation of volumes of works, cost management, reduction of financial risks;
  • effective site planning using information modelling tools in 4D;
  • visual presentation of the project to the customer;
  • minimizing errors and conflicts, improving interaction of all project participants;
  • effective management of the facility at all stages of its life cycle from design to decommissioning.

Why IM Consult?

Company IM Consult – one of the leading experts in the field of introduction and application of BIM-modeling objects of various purposes: civil, industrial, residential, linear, etc. In practice IM Consulting - successfully implemented projects at different stages of design and development of models of various degrees of detail (LOD 100 - 500). We have certified specialists with extensive experience in implementing BIM projects in various industries, including for government orders. In addition, IM Consulting experts have successful experience of passing the state expertise with BIM-model.